Fireplace remodel with DIY wood mantle..

The Fireplace remodel project was the moment where I realized I wanted to share our Home DIY journey and hopefully, someday, be a source for others to learn from like I’ve learnt from so many others. Before I started my DIY Instagram page, we built our fireplace. It was the first project we built from scratch. I’ve always loved DIY projects but this particular project lit a passion that now burns very bright and I’m excited for this journey on IG and the community I’ve found. 

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Kitchen remodel phase I – Window and wall removal

Kitchen remodel with wall removal, french door installation, and new cabinets & layout in kitchen.

When my husband and I bought this house we envisioned having an open concept plan for the kitchen, lounge, and dining area. We also wanted to take out two small windows and put in a french door that would open into the yard. The Kitchen remodel was a really big project so we outsourced the engineering & construction. I’m going to go through the process including the downfalls and wins along the way.

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Quick and easy DIY scrap wood project.

Bathroom makeover - View of DIY wood tray with Candle and room spray on it.

I love a quick and easy DIY scrap wood project. Do you have scrap wood? I do, a mountain of it. It came in handy when I needed a tray for the decor in my Bathroom makeover – go check out that project here. I made a quick and easy DIY scrap wood tray with Minwax stain so I could display my favorite candle and room spray. The best part is that I didn’t spend a cent, I made it within a few hours, and I love how functional and pretty it looks.

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Quick & Easy IKEA LATT Hack, twice over.

Ikea LATT table and chair hack before and after 1st and 2nd hack. One for girls and the other for boys.

IKEA is one of my favorite places to go to get stuff for the kids. Their simple design makes it easy to fit into any style, especially when you can personalize it. It makes for a super quick & easy LATT hack. You can’t beat the prices either. The LATT table and chair set is made out of raw pine so it’s a blank canvas ready for personalizing.

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Bathroom makeover in time for guests’ arrival.

Our guests were arriving in a week, and our guest bathroom needed a makeover. The guest bathroom is also my kids’ bathroom. So I wanted something simple, hardy, functional, and budget-friendly. Did we have enough time? I’m going to walk you thru the small updates we worked on that made a world of difference for a small space.

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Recreating the Studio McGee Olive pot with what I had.

Recreate Studio McGee Olive pot with what I had

A few months back I ordered a Studio McGee Olive pot from Target, you can find it here. Unfortunately, they packaged it so badly when they shipped it, that it broke. I started the return process online with a few photos. Target refunded the purchase but requested I dispose of the product instead of bringing it back to the store. I couldn’t bring myself to throw away such pretty stems. I ended up keeping them and hoped I would find some use for them.

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